JD- Network Security & Audit Engineer


  1. Control/notification for all customers (ISP, prepaid, postpaid) who receive or use capacity more than the contract or vice versa, via Radius CRM,Switches,Routers, GPON OLT,etc (Daily, weekly, monthly checks, report compilation).
  2. Checking client in CRM for any missing documentation, where is connected, capacity, contract ,address and the end device (report compilation).
  3. Notification/Correction/Update of information in Network and Services platforms if needed (CRM, NMS, Radius, DHCP/DOCSIS, Inventory DB).
  4. Identify active/configured services/lines in the network – Verify/check the physical inventory with the configured services in the network (services provisioning platforms – CRM, NMS, RADIUS, etc).
  5. Evaluate Status of labeling of ports and cabling in PoP-s equipment (Card, Port), Cabinets, etc.
  6. Making POP-s Inventory.
  7. Identification of the connected customer line/equipment (Follow the physical link from the cabin/distribution frame/box to the customer premise when needed).
  8. Participation in network audit ,civil works, projects, etc(map reading, report compilation).
  9. Control/Check (financial) contracts of subcontractors if there is any problem.
  10. Customer cases   control (monthly CASE) how the client issue was resolved, time, how many of the cases are resolved, etc, by First, Second, or Third level Support (report compilation).
  11. Email and follow-up until the final solution of all physical networks problems (fiber cut, cabinets problems, pop problems, etc) problems (problems identified by network supervisor). Prepare  daily reports if necessary.
  12. Prepare the necessary documentation for customer cooperation contracts (clering clients) and update/maintain them in CRM and Access Building DB.   ( if the access building specialist is absent).
  13. Performing the work of any other team member if any team member is absent (according to the requirements of the director of the audit department).
  14. Provide support and training daily every team member as needed.
  15. Other tasks: Checking GPS, DVR, over time ,etc(according to the requirements of the director of the audit department).


Note: Beside the duties above the Audit Engineer pursuit any new tasks set by the company according to the company needs.