Presales Specialist


  • Presentation, together with B2B & GOV functions representatives, of customized services and solutions to the potential customers
  • Analyzes of the Customer requirements for customized services coming from B2B & GOV functions 
  • Summarization and submission of the customer requirements to ASC Technical Functions and Partners, requiring a technical solution, associated with the description and BoM by technical functions, and costs from the Partners 
  • Verification of the combined solution provided by ASC technical functions and Partners in order to guaranty the overall integrity of it. Coordinate with the ASC B2B, ASC Technical Functions, and Partners in order to guaranty that the solution provided is in compliance with the customer requirements and that the implementations are compliant with the offer accepted by the customer
  • Calculation of the costs and provision of the solutions back to B2B and GOV functions, associated with needed technical documents
  • Analyses of the requirements, preparation of the financial and technical offers for the big/special customers, preparation of the request to and taking of the approval from the superiors, submission of the offers to these customers.
  • Issuance of implementation work orders to Technical Functions and Partners, needed PR-s as well.
  • Monitoring of the implementation of work orders by Technical Functions & Partners and coordination of the implementation and invoicing processes (in cooperation with Technical & Finance Departments and Partners).
  • Monitoring of the acceptance acts from the customer
  • Search for Partners which fulfill the selection standards and criteria provided by the management in order to guaranty the quality of services provided by them, and submission of such Partner Proposals to the line manager for approval
  • Negotiation of the prices provided from Partners in order to guaranty the costs efficiency and quality of services provided, submission of such prices to the line manager for approval.
  • Preparation of the contracts with Partners of ASC for the implementation of customized solutions, focused on quality, efficiencies and reduction of costs, submission to the line manager for approval (preparations, approvals, monitoring and follow up)
  • Monitor, control and report to the line manager the fulfillment by each function of the deadlines of the activities as described to B2B procedure/processes 



     Bachelor degree on one of the following: Telecommunication, IT related fields, Finance & Business

     Trainings on the fields of telecommunications, Networking, IT, Finance & Business



      At least 3 years’ experience in ISP, Telecommunication, IT related industries                             

      Technical and Presales experience in the above areas is highly evaluated



       Trainings on the fields of telecommunications, Networking, IT, Finance & Business


SKILLS AND ABILITY:                                       

  • Strong orientation on Business, Customers satisfaction, Technical Expertise, Solutions Delivery, Quality and Cost efficiency. 
  • Leadership, 
  • Team work 
  • Work under pressure
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Business process design skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Customer-centric capabilities
  • Networking skills