Tring signs a collaboration agreement

Albanian operator Tring Communications signs a collaboration agreement with PTK for: Interconnection for telephony traffic, interconnection agreement for IP transit in Frankfurt and collaboration in network expansion with fiber and microwave from Tirana to Prishtina.
Tirana, December 1, 2010 – Tring Communications (ASC) announced today that they signed a contract with PTK Kosovo after 11 months of negotiations between representatives of the two companies. This contract was signed between Mr.Arian Kraja, Tring Communications (ASC) partner and Dr. Shyqyri Hoxha representative of PTK Kosovo. The aim of this agreement is: Cooperation for bilateral interconnection for telephony, IP transit interconnection to Frankfurt, Germany, construction of the network with fiber optic and microwave between Tirana and Prishtina, and the delivery of Tring Communications IPTV content to all customers of PTK Kosovo.”This project with PTK Kosovo is a perfect example of how Tring Communications is investing a considerable amount of money, time and energy in collaboration with prestigious companies such as PTK in order to once identify himself as an operator with an incomparable experience in the telecommunication field, thus enabling PTK to be run on a new market with a wide range of services as IP-TV using Tring content”.

As a result, Tring Communications and PTK will be able to offer to their customers a full range of triple services, including the delivery of communication services. About Tring Communications
Established in 2006, Albanian Satellite Communications is a privately held company with operating facilities around the region and headquartered in Tirana. Its mother company Edil Group is one of the largest in the country with solid experience and status to fully support the success of ASC.
ASC is fully operational since 2007 as a new and advanced operator in Albania offering integrated telecommunications solutions for all markets. In summer of 2008 ASC sh.p.k. launched its newest trademarked brand ,Tring Communications.
Its dynamic portfolio of products and services renders Tring Communications a fully integrated company to fulfill the needs of all markets and be their one stop shop for all communication and networking needs.
Under the Tring Communications brand name, ASC is a full service operator in the communications industry servicing all markets such as consumers and businesses. Its strengths lie in its integrated portfolio of services and products creating ease and comfort for its clients.
Tring Communications differentiates itself by offering consumers various communication services such as Internet ,Telephony and Television capabilities all in one bill, saving consumers’ time and money while offering them a reliable service for their peace of mind.
Tring Communications fulfills the needs of the business customers by providing turn key solutions customized individually for each corporation. By offering state of the art VPN (Virtual Private Network) services through the first MPLS infrastructure in the country we fulfill the connectivity needs of the government as well as large corporations while maintaining strict SLA-s.
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Tring Communications Press Contacts:
Elisa Mulgeci Tel: +355(0) 44 800 402
About PTK Kosova
On 21st December 2006, the Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. celebrated the 47th anniversary of foundation. The Post, Telephone and Telegraph of Kosovo were established in 1959 under a Decision no. 1115497/1-1959 of the Steering Council of Yugoslavian PTT Communion. Then, as of 13.09.1990 all the Albanian employees and other minorities who disagreed with the politics of Milosevic were driven out of their workplaces by force. After 6 years of efforts, PTK has established following three business units: Post of Kosovo, Telecom of Kosovo, and Vala mobile network operator. These three business units of the PTK are licensed by the Kosovo Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. On 29 June 2005, PTK was transformed into a joint-stock-company under the new name of PTK J.S.C. PTK J.S.C. has actually a five years business plan with an investment of 550 million euros.
Vala mobile network operator is already providing a variety of services to its customers.
Vala has expanded its mobile network in almost 90% of the territory of Kosovo, and it has for a long time now been providing GPRS (general package radio service), MMS and SMS services to all its customers.