Telephony Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for the configuration of IP networking devices such as switches, ATA, IP Phones and also the execution of work orders per telephony services, monitoring and problems solving related to IP Telephony platform.


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Execute work order for telephony services
  • Monitor and give immediate solutions on problems regarding telephony platform
  • Able to get responsibilities and fullfill department plans.
  • Collaborate with Operators for technical implementation of interconnections.
  • Make testing for inbound / outbound calls with the operators and escalate the issue to Technical Manager and SSW vendor if needed.
  • Implement routes on the Soft Switch based on the prefixes and terminators names which comes from Interconnection Department.
  • Work and follow up to solve tickets opened by us and operators.
  • Collaborate with Billing to explain problems on ASR, ACD, cdrs in general.
  • Get LCR comparison tables from interconnections periodically and implement new primary routes modifications in the Soft switch.
  • Manage performance/operational work for all equipment including telephony soft-switches, Session Border Controllers, Media servers like Voicemail, Conference , IVR server, telephonic circuits, E1 – E3 lines used to interconnect with telephony carriers, routers, switches, MSANs, and CPEs.
  • Manage capacity of all telephony circuits, softswitch platform, and IP links.
  • Monitor and evaluation of QOS for telephony services professionally with Jitter,Delay, Max Delta packet loss, MOS by using sniffing tools on port mirroring systems.
  • Plan, Configuration and commissioning of all telephony equipment including soft-switches, telephony multiplexers, gateways, SS7 servers, SS7 circuits, class 4 and class 5 equipment, PABXs, IP phones, etc.
  • Participates and contribute professionally in implementation, testing and verification of S/W and H/W updates in telephony
  • Cooperates with vendors for hardware and software issues, troubleshooting and operational issues.
  • Manage spare parts stock for all telephony networking elements and supervises subcontractors and vendors support performance
  • Manage  performance and operational work of Asterisk applications
  • Monitoring and evaluation of billing process for residential/business customers A-Z and provide recommendation for optimizations on SQL Database and Reports.
  • Create/Update Policies, Procedures, Service Definitions Sheets and Project Design related to Telephony Service


Educational Background:           

Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Computer Science


Professional Experience:          

1-2 years experience in IP Networking

1 year of experience in IP Telephony (recommended but not a must)


Skills and Ability:                         

Excellent verbal and written communications.

Fluent in English